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Learn About Developmental Pediatricians

If your child has any learning, behavioral or developmental problem, you need to take them to a developmental pediatrician. It is important to note that there is a difference between a pediatrician and a developmental pediatrician. Pediatricians are trained to take care of children from when they are born until they are teenagers and they only deal with health matters. All children have had to see a pediatrician at least once in their lives. Developmental pediatricians on the other hand deal with cases that are out of the ordinary. Developmental Minerva Minds pediatricians undergo more training than regular pediatricians so as to understand children behavior as well as their social development.

The law dictates that pediatricians have to sit for a special comprehensive examination for them to be certified developmental pediatricians. If you have any concerns with the way your child is behaving, consult with their pediatrician so they can recommend a good developmental pediatrician. Learn more about pediatrics at

What developmental pediatricians do is evaluate children, recommend appropriate treatments and advice both the children and their family members on how to go about with their lives even after diagnosis. If your child is experiencing a lot of difficulty in writing or solving math problems, you need to see a developmental paediatrician like Dr Andrea Zalan. A lot of teachers and parents condemn their children as being stupid or slow learners, not knowing that this is a medical problem, that can be treated with the right help. Dyslexia is a common disorder today and you should not make a child feel like it is their fault for having this disorder.

Apart from handling learning disorders, developmental pediatricians also handle regulatory disorders such as bed wetting and soiling well past the typical age, sleeping disorders and feeding difficulties. They also handle behavioral disorders such as anxiety, depression and defiant behavior. Consult a developmental pediatrician if you think that your child is too moody because there could be an underlying cause. You should also consult them if your child has delayed speech and motor skills.

Developmental pediatricians work with a lot of professionals including child psychiatrists and physical therapists to try and help children with various disorders. A lot of large hospitals and clinics have developmental pediatricians in their workforce. Some parents have also gotten in touch with developmental pediatricians over the internet but you need to ask to see their certification before you tale your child to see them. You should also ensure that you only work with licensed pediatricians. A good developmental pediatrician will want to work closely with you and your child’s school to not only understand the root cause of their problem but to also offer a solution.

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